Share anything with others on Spinym without creating an account.

How it works

With the Incognito Mode, you can use Spinym without creating an account. You're 100% anonymous and you can create and share Whispers, upvote or down vote Whispers, view user profiles, ask others questions, and more...

Other people will never know who you are. However, you do have a temporal account that can identify your content.

When you use the Incognito Mode, you are given an ID, all the content you create that is: the questions you ask, the Whispers you create, the up and down votes are linked with ID. The account is generated based on your Device. If you have 2 devices (Phones or PCs), you won't have the same account if these two devices don't have anything in common.

Hence, you're are considered as an 'anonymous' user without any profile. Please check our Privacy Policy to know what Data is collected for which purpose.

How to log out?

Since you don't have a profile, you can simply go to the Profile Tab and press on the "Quick Log In" button to logout and login with another account.

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