An Ask is anything, a question, a poll, a message, or feedback that you want to share with your friends. It can be anonymous or open.

With Spinym you can ask others questions in 3 different ways. It can be a Text, Poll, Emoji Rating, or MCQ.

What is cool is that the person replying can vote on your Poll, Emoji Rating, or MCQ.

How it works

When you create an Ask, you can choose up to 5 people to whom you are asking (receiver). After sending your Ask, you can find it on your Sent Asks tab under the Activity main tab. The person receiving it will get a new notification, it will appear on their My Asks tab under the Activity tab. At this moment, only you and the receiver can see it.

The receiver can decide to either share with others by replying to it or deleting it.

Whenever the Ask is replied, it is publicly available. Everyone can see both the question and the answer. The person receiving the message can decide to hide it at any moment, turn on or off comments.

Anonymous Ask

When an Ask is anonymous, the sender is mask. There is no way this person can be revealed.

Learn more about how anonymous Spinym is.


Whenever you see an Ask, do you ever wonder how to say something? Now, via comments, you can keep asking.

The cool thing is that you can disable comments at any moment you want to.

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