How to create an Account

Learn how to create an account in just 3 seconds only and start using Spinym today!

Your new Spinym Account is waiting for you. Creating an account is as simple as ABC. There are two ways to create a Spinym Account: Either with email and password or with an existing social account.

Create an account with a social account

Do you have a Facebook, Twitter, or Google account already? Then all you need is just a to tap a button and voila!

  • Tap on Continue with Facebook to create your account using Facebook.

  • Tap on Sign in with Google to create your account using Google

  • Tap on Sign in with Twitter to create your account using Twitter

After choosing your login method, you will see a popup, enter your login credentials, and then you're done. Your account will be immediately created in 1-3 seconds!

Create an account with email & password

Creating your account directly with your email and password is the best option to sign up as you can set up your profile, choose a custom username at sign up, and also create a password that protects your account.

Now your account is created, you can start using Spinym. You can edit your profile information at any moment in the settings.

Happy asking and welcome onboard!

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